Vitaminic CurlTherapy


Emmediciotto’s Vitaminic CurlTherapy Hair curling lotion with wheat proteins, without thyoglycolic acid and without ammonia.
Its formula suits all hair types.

It allows to shape perfect curls, elastic and full of body that stick to a roller form.

Do not use on bleached hair

> Delicate lotion for a permanent result
> With conditioning elements that facilitate the curls creation
> It creates soft, natural and long-lasting curls
> It gives body and volume from roots to ends
> For all hair types

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Vitaminic CurlTherapy

A Nourishing Lotion for Effortlessly Gorgeous Curls

Embark on a journey of curl transformation with Emmediciotto’s Vitaminic CurlTherapy—an innovative hair curling lotion meticulously crafted to unveil the beauty of your natural curls. Enriched with wheat proteins and devoid of thyoglycolic acid and ammonia, this nourishing elixir becomes the secret to creating stunning curls without compromising the health of your hair. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Vitaminic CurlTherapy, where each curl becomes a testament to the fusion of style and nourishment.

At the core of Vitaminic CurlTherapy lies a commitment to redefining the curling experience. This hair curling lotion stands out as a specialized elixir, carefully formulated to enhance and celebrate your natural curls. It’s not just about achieving a specific style; it’s about nourishing your locks while embracing the beauty of your unique curl pattern. Vitaminic CurlTherapy becomes the catalyst for a curl transformation that goes beyond the surface, ensuring that your curls are not just styled but also radiantly healthy.

The absence of thyoglycolic acid and ammonia sets Vitaminic CurlTherapy apart, making it a gentle yet effective solution for those seeking stunning curls without the harsh chemicals. Thyoglycolic acid, commonly found in traditional curling lotions, is known for its strong chemical odor and can be harsh on the hair. The omission of this ingredient ensures that your curling experience is not only effective but also a sensorial delight. Embrace the transformation without the compromise, as each curl takes shape with the nourishing touch of wheat proteins.

Wheat proteins, the heroes of this nourishing elixir, play a pivotal role in fortifying and enhancing your natural curls. As the lotion envelops each strand, wheat proteins become a source of strength, promoting resilience and adding a lustrous bounce to your curls. This internal nourishment ensures that your curls not only look defined but also maintain their health and vitality. The result is a cascade of curls that exude vibrancy, radiance, and a newfound level of softness.

The absence of ammonia, another noteworthy feature of Vitaminic CurlTherapy, speaks to the brand’s commitment to providing a curling experience that is both effective and gentle. Ammonia, commonly used in hair dyes and curling formulations, can be harsh on the hair and emit a strong odor. By omitting this ingredient, Emmediciotto ensures that your curling experience is not only pleasant but also free from unnecessary harshness. The elixir becomes a breath of fresh air, allowing you to enjoy the curling process without compromising on the health of your locks.

Embrace the ease of styling that follows the application of Vitaminic CurlTherapy. As you shape and define your curls, the nourishing touch of wheat proteins becomes evident, imparting a touchable softness and enhancing the overall manageability of your curls. Whether you prefer loose waves or tight coils, Vitaminic CurlTherapy becomes the ally that empowers you to embrace your unique curl pattern with confidence and style.

Ideal for those who seek a curling solution that prioritizes both style and health, Vitaminic CurlTherapy becomes the cornerstone of your curl transformation journey. It’s not just a lotion; it’s a declaration of your commitment to nourishing your curls while achieving the style you desire. Incorporate this nourishing elixir into your curling routine, and witness the brilliance that unfolds as your curls become a canvas of enduring beauty.

In conclusion, Emmediciotto’s Vitaminic CurlTherapy is more than a curling lotion; it’s a celebration of your natural curls and a testament to the brand’s commitment to gentle yet effective haircare. It embodies the fusion of science and nature, creating a lotion that not only styles but also nourishes and protects your curls. Elevate your curling routine with the transformative power of Vitaminic CurlTherapy—an elixir that goes beyond styling, infusing your curls with enduring brilliance and a touchable softness. Welcome each application as a promise of beautifully defined, healthy, and radiant curls.

Made in Italy 

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