Vitaminic HydraProtection


Emmediciotto’s Vitaminic HydraProtection is formulated to be used only mixed with CURLTHERAPY and K-STRAIGHTCREAM on treated hair.
It protects and hydrates the hair from roots to ends during the treatment and it prevents damages. The high concentration of hydrating and restructuring elements acts on damaged zones.
HYDRAPROTECTION strengthens the hair structure and improves the treatment result; the hair is more elastic and cosmetic.

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Vitaminic HydraProtection

A Revitalizing Blend for Treated Hair

Experience a revolution in haircare with Emmediciotto’s Vitaminic HydraProtection—an innovative formula crafted to be the perfect companion to CURLTHERAPY and K-STRAIGHTCREAM. Specifically designed for treated hair, this hydrating elixir becomes an essential step in your haircare routine, unlocking the potential for radiant, revitalized locks that boast a newfound level of health and vibrancy. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Vitaminic HydraProtection, where nourishment meets protection to create a symphony of care for your treated tresses.

At the heart of Vitaminic HydraProtection lies a unique blend formulated exclusively for treated hair, setting it apart as a specialized elixir crafted with precision and care. This lotion is not just an afterthought; it’s a vital element that harmonizes with CURLTHERAPY and K-STRAIGHTCREAM, enriching your treated locks with a surge of hydration and protection. As a key player in your haircare routine, Vitaminic HydraProtection becomes the catalyst for a transformation that goes beyond the surface, ensuring that your treated hair receives the care it deserves.

Designed to be used in conjunction with CURLTHERAPY and K-STRAIGHTCREAM, Vitaminic HydraProtection becomes the linchpin in the holistic approach to treating and styling your hair. This trifecta of products works synergistically, each contributing its unique benefits to create a comprehensive haircare routine that not only styles but also nourishes and protects. The result is a haircare ritual that becomes a daily affirmation of your commitment to vibrant and healthy tresses.

Vitamins, the heroes of this revitalizing blend, play a pivotal role in fortifying and nurturing your treated hair. As the lotion permeates each strand, vitamins become a source of strength, promoting resilience and protecting against potential damage. This internal nourishment ensures that your hair not only looks vibrant but also maintains its health and vitality from within. The result is a radiant and fortified mane that stands as a testament to the transformative power of Vitaminic HydraProtection.

The hydrating action of this lotion is more than a mere surface treatment; it’s a holistic approach to haircare that acknowledges the unique needs of treated hair. By enriching your locks with hydration, Vitaminic HydraProtection ensures that your treated hair remains supple, soft, and easy to manage. The lotion becomes a daily ritual of care, infusing your treated locks with a touchable smoothness that reflects a commitment to both style and health.

Embrace the ease of styling that follows the application of Vitaminic HydraProtection. Whether you’re opting for defined curls with CURLTHERAPY or a sleek, straight look with K-STRAIGHTCREAM, this lotion becomes the common thread that ties your styling routine together. As you mold and shape your hair into the desired style, Vitaminic HydraProtection ensures that your locks not only look impeccably styled but also retain their health and vitality.

Ideal for those who seek a comprehensive solution for treated hair, Vitaminic HydraProtection becomes the missing piece in the puzzle of your haircare routine. It’s not just a lotion; it’s a declaration of your commitment to radiant and healthy treated hair. Incorporate this hydrating elixir into your daily styling ritual, and witness the brilliance that unfolds as your treated locks become a canvas of enduring beauty.

In conclusion, Emmediciotto’s Vitaminic HydraProtection is more than a complement; it’s an essential element in the symphony of care for your treated hair. It embodies the fusion of science and nature, creating a lotion that not only styles but also nurtures and protects your locks from within. Elevate your haircare routine with the transformative power of Vitaminic HydraProtection—a lotion that goes beyond styling, infusing your treated hair with enduring brilliance and a touchable softness. Welcome each application as a promise of style and health converging in perfect harmony.

Made in Italy 

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