Vitaminic Neutralising


Vitaminic Neutralising lotion with vitamins and panthenol that acts inside the hair fixing permanently the curling/straightening treatment It gives brilliance and makes the hair easy to comb.It fixes and cleanses deeply thanks to the shampoo micro particles that also give the hair a pleasant fragrance.
Panthenol helps to keep the hair elastic, shining and silky.

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Vitaminic Neutralising Lotion


A Symphony of Vitamins and Panthenol for Lasting Brilliance

Step into a realm of transformative haircare with Emmediciotto’s Vitaminic Neutralising Lotion—a dynamic formula enriched with vitamins and panthenol. Designed to act within the hair, permanently fixing curling or straightening treatments, this lotion becomes an indispensable ally in your quest for enduring brilliance and effortlessly manageable locks. Immerse your hair in a symphony of nourishment as you embrace the transformative power of this neutralising lotion that not only sets treatments but also elevates the overall health and shine of your hair.

At the core of the Vitaminic Neutralising Lotion lies a meticulous blend of vitamins and panthenol—an innovative formulation that transcends traditional expectations. This lotion is not merely a finishing touch to your hair treatments; it’s a vital step in the process, working within the strands to create a lasting impact. The blend becomes a powerhouse of nourishment, addressing the unique needs of treated hair and infusing it with a brilliance that stands the test of time.

Vitamins, the heroes of this transformative journey, play a crucial role in fortifying and revitalizing your hair. As the lotion permeates each strand, vitamins become a source of strength, promoting resilience and protecting against the potential damage caused by treatments. This internal nourishment ensures that your hair not only looks vibrant but also maintains its health and vitality from within. The result is a radiant and fortified mane that captivates with its enduring brilliance.

Panthenol, the next luminary in this symphony, joins forces with vitamins to enhance the transformative effects. Also known as pro-vitamin B5, panthenol dives deep into the hair shaft, providing intense hydration and sealing in moisture. As a crucial component in the neutralising process, panthenol ensures that your treated hair remains supple, soft, and irresistibly easy to comb. The lotion becomes a daily ritual of care, infusing your locks with a touchable smoothness that reflects a commitment to both style and health.

The neutralising action of this lotion is more than a technical step; it’s a holistic approach to haircare that embraces the principles of nourishment and lasting brilliance. By fixing curling or straightening treatments, the Vitaminic Neutralising Lotion ensures that your hair not only looks impeccably styled but also remains healthy and vibrant in the long run. This dual benefit positions the lotion as an essential component in the journey toward beautifully treated and naturally luminous hair.

Embrace the ease of combing that follows the application of the Vitaminic Neutralising Lotion. Treated hair often demands extra care, and this lotion rises to the occasion, making your daily grooming routine a breeze. As you run your fingers through your now-lustrous locks, you’ll appreciate the harmonious balance of style and substance that this lotion imparts—a balance that reflects the ethos of Emmediciotto’s commitment to holistic haircare.

Ideal for those who seek enduring brilliance and manageability in their treated hair, the Vitaminic Neutralising Lotion becomes a daily affirmation of your dedication to a haircare routine that goes beyond the surface. It’s a promise of radiant, healthy, and easy-to-manage hair that stands as a testament to the transformative power of nourishment. Incorporate this lotion into your haircare ritual, and witness the brilliance that unfolds as your treated locks become a canvas of enduring beauty.

In conclusion, Emmediciotto’s Vitaminic Neutralising Lotion is more than a finishing touch; it’s a declaration of your commitment to radiant and healthy treated hair. It embodies the fusion of science and nature, creating a lotion that not only fixes treatments but also nurtures your locks from within. Elevate your haircare routine with the transformative power of the Vitaminic Neutralising Lotion—a lotion that goes beyond neutralising, infusing your treated hair with enduring brilliance and a touchable softness. Welcome each application as a promise of style and health converging in perfect harmony.

Made in Italy

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